How a Freelance Writer Can Leave Behind Low-Paying Gigs from Content Mills

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    How To Land Technical Writing Jobs in Blockchain


    The other day in LinkedIn, I had a freelancer contact me about how to get started with blockchain content writing. He had five very detailed questions that I felt warranted a thorough response. So I answered him in full via our LinkedIn messaging. Technical writing jobs in blockchain are certainly something I can write about since that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for almost two years.

    Does Your Project Need a Token Generation Event?

    Does your startup team need a token generation event

    ICO Trend Reversal

    After the huge tide of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs as they’ve been “coined”), we’re now starting to see the term Token Generation Event. In large part, this was due to a reverse trend that slowly engulfed the market. For ten months now, after a serious ICO craze, cryptocurrencies plunged into the red with the market still bearish after ten months. So, what is happening? Basically, a huge misunderstanding took hold last year. Everybody thought they knew how to handle tokens but they actually did not. A lot of people thought it was basically a way to crowdsource their project, but it’s not so simple. So, what does it really mean to create a token and have a token generation event?

    Ether, the Bear Market and the ICO



    Why the Bear Market in Crypto?

    Does anybody know what is happening with the crypto industry? It seems that the whole market is in red these days. Even Vitalik came up with a dire announcement. The gold rush of last year and the first half of 2018 may have finally ended. So, is the ICO dead? A thing of the past? A bubble that burst too quickly? Maybe it was just a short summer of love. Millions of dollars were raised and a very decent number of good project arose. Yet the whole industry is on a downward slope. The bear market has taken a firm foothold Almost everyone agrees that the rush of last year is done for good. At least when it comes to easy token money. But what is really going on in the world of ICOs? Read More…

    5 Questions to Ask Before Publishing an ICO White Paper

    ico whitepaper

    The demand for the ICO white paper has increased alongside a rapidly growing interest in cryptocurrencies. Projects may be scrambling to find the right advice and the right people to assist writing the ico white paper that brings in the investors they need to jumpstart their project. It can be a tedious and confusing process, because the industry is new and fake experts are abound. Who really knows what the best ICO white paper is like? Try asking yourself these five questions. Read More…

    The Advent of ICOs – How Did We Get Here?


    We’ve spoken about cryptocurrencies and blockchain in the previous post. From the birth of Bitcoin in 2009 we fastforward to today and find over 1600 different coins that are circulating the globe. If this trend continues, we will soon see crypto in everybody’s wallets. Some of these coins are worth a fraction of a dollar, while others worth hundreds and thousands. We have briefly mentioned that blockchain is applicable in a wide variety of different industries. While blockchain is mostly a synonym for digital money, the technology has a wide application in many different fields. Of course, one of them is ICOs!

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    Blockchain Evolution – What is Blockchain and How Did it All Begin?

    what is blockchain

    This is the Era of Blockchain.

    There is no doubt about it. Everybody is talking about cryptocurrencies – ICOs, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a myriad of related topics. Some people have even become millionaires in this emerging industry. But, for what it’s worth, I see a lot of confusion, if not a complete lack of knowledge, when it comes to these subjects. In this post, I will try to explain how we came to this stage of evolution in Bitcoin, what is blockchain, and how the whole idea developed.

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